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LED Lighting

ufo high bay light 200w with motion sensor optional

Item No.:
Power: 100W/ 150W /200W / 240W
Lamp base : E26/ E27/E39/E40
Voltage: 100-277V /
200-480V, 50-60Hz
RA>80, PF>0.9
Lumen: 135Lmm/W
Working temperature: -40°C~45°C (-40°F~113°F)
Motion sensor optional
Warranty: 5Years
UL, DLC, ETL, CETL & CE certificates


When choosing lighting for high bay ceilings, efficiency is important. Since the light will be operating from a higher range, the lighting needs to be maximized for optimal illumination. With the smart design of UFO LED high bay light products, the design is part of the efficiency. Colshine UFO led high bay light is powerful and create bright illumination that is widespread.

What are UFO high bay lights?

High-bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. Low-bay lights, on the other hand, are used for ceilings 20 feet and under. Because a high-ceiling location has more space to fill, a high-bay, by definition, is a powerful light source thatcan brighten up a large area. The term UFO comes from the round shape of this style of high bay light.

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