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LED Lighting

2x2 2x4 LED Troffer Lights Super Bright 5years Warranty

Item No.:
LED Troffer Lights 2x2, 2x4
with high quality isolated led driver


A great choice for any location in which you need powerful lighting to a large area, but also want your fixtures to be out of the way and discreet, troffer lights will ensure your space looks its best every day. This type of lighting offers a concentrated light source and an attractive look making it ideal for nearly any commercial or residential application. Typical applications for troffers are office lighting, general illumination, hallway lighting, bathroom lighting, and more.

What are LED panels?
Designed to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights in commercial buildings and office environments, LED panels are thin panels which consist of light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed in between aluminium housing and plastic material.

The aluminium housing acts as a support for the LED strips, while also providing a cooling system for the LED lights themselves.

Available in different size options, LED panel lights can be either suspended from the ceiling or mounted directly into the ceiling – usually for rooms with lower-height ceilings.

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